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Allied Merchants Buying Association is established for Independent Building, Timber, Plumbing, Hardware, Agri Trade, Fuel, Garden and Homeware retailers and is dedicated to increasing the sales and profits of our Members and Suppliers

We have 2 mutually reinforcing objectives –

1. For our Members – Better Buying Prices and Terms (Increase affordability and availability of products)

2. For our Suppliers– Build Volume and Market Share

“Firstly i would like to welcome you to our website. Whether you are a retailer or a supplier, we are all under pressure to drive performance. We are a Group of Merchants working together to achieve the same goals and when we formed Allied Merchants Buying Association we identified what the primary focus of a buying group is - To grow the market share of participating suppliers while improving the net profitability of members. We do not change members relationships with suppliers. Members still buy directly from suppliers and receive the same service from suppliers. However we provide a platform by leveraging collective negotiation power with suppliers on behalf of members for products sold by our members. We have a commercial belief that we enable Independents and suppliers to achieve incomparable results by utilising strength in numbers. We look to partner with suppliers that share a mutual interest in growing business and through the right relationships with our Approved Suppliers we have worked and will continue to work to provide members with access to brand suppliers at the best prices and terms with minimum cost to their business.

The fundamental aim of Allied Merchants Buying Association is a low cost highly professional group with strategically placed members that work with Partnered Suppliers and we know the long term success of Allied Merchants Buying Association is built on Commitment, Professionalism and Participation of all Member Companies.

We look forward to welcoming new Members to Allied Merchants Buying Association and meeting and working with Suppliers to achieve common goals”

Keith Giblin


Our Vision

Be the leading low cost highly professional group with strategically placed members that work with partnered suppliers

Our Mission

Allied Merchants Buying Association is a Buying Group for Independent Retailers. Our objective is to improve Buying Prices and Terms for Members and increase Volumes and Market Share for our Suppliers

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Become a Member

Membership is available to suitably qualified Independent retailers aligned to the Building, Timber, Plumbing, Hardware, Agri, Fuel, Garden and Homeware Industry.

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Become a Supplier

If you are a Current Supplier or Potential Supplier and have any queries, please e-mail your details and query and we will contact you ASAP.

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